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cv bio andreia alves de oliveira

Photographer - Researcher - Lecturer

Based in Thessaloniki, Greece

Photography is for me a tool to investigate the world through its image,

and vice-versa, to examine the image through the world and its referents.

Photographic images simultaneously record and construct, preserve and transform.

They are both optical and a psychological event.

My earlier projects (2008 - 2015) are concerned with conditions of contemporary life in so-called Western society (my own), aiming both to document and to comment on work (Open Plan, The Politics of the Office), education (Higher Education), displacement (A Place Called Diaspora, The Country), and leisure (The Beach) through the visual examination of their spatial structures.

Increasingly, I became interested in the interplay of word and image, and my practice moved towards a different mode of imaging the everyday, that recognizes the psyche of the observer, and integrates her in the observed. Among the work of many, I am indebted in particular to the visual practice and critical writings of Victor Burgin and Allan Sekula, their notions of, respectively, psychical realism and disassembled images, being crucial to how I think and see the image. River Boats & Inner ThoughtsTalking to Trees, and the forthcoming Atlas of Boats and Interior Desert are all born from this double, interrelated movement of looking out looking in, aiming to dismantle the apparent naturalness of dominant and dominating forms of representation.  


Member of the Editorial Board of Membrana Journal of Photography

Co-convener of Ph: The Photography Research Network

Member of RHOME - Representations of Home in Literature and Culture in English, University of Lisbon

Former Editor of Sophia Journal. Architecture, Art, Image 


2014 PhD practice-based (fully funded), supervision David Bate, CREAM/ University of Westminster, London, UK;
2009 MA Photographic Studies, David Faddy scholarship, University of Westminster, London;
2008 Creativity and Artistic Creation Programme (PGCCA), Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon
2007 Photography studies. International Centre for Photography (ICP), New York;
2003 D.E.A./ Postgraduate studies in Law and Philosophy, ULB, Brussels;
2002 Law degree/ Licenciatura em Direito, Faculty of Law, University of Porto.


Visiting Lecturer, Birmingham City University (2017-2019)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Westminster (2011-12)
Lawyer, Cuatrecasas, Lisbon and Brussels (2004-2007)


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