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London, 1st of April 2009. A G20 summit is happening amidst the ongoing devastating financial crisis. A demonstration has been called in the British capital, with the organisers urging people to congregate outside the Bank of England, the very core of the city's financial centre. Unprecedented numbers of people of all walks of life showed up. Riot police intervened and kept us contained ("kettled") in the square for over six hours, with no access to toilets or water. I photographed my fellow protesters and asked them the reason for being there. Squats and "climate camps" also took place, inaugurating the movement that would later give rise to Ocuppy Wall Street and many many other protests around the world, in a new wave of global solidarity and fight against the deadly effects of capitalism, so heavily felt in 2008 and the subsequent years following the subprime mortgage crisis and ensuing global recession.

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